What’s no markups?

In case you were wondering...


While wandering around in-between all the e-shops out there, some cool brands –pun intended, will tell you in capitals ‘NO MARKUPS’.  Sorry, no what?

In the simplest explanation, a “markup” is the amount added by a seller to the original cost of the goods, in order to create profit. As you may have, we’ve also experienced over-priced jewelry that disrespects our intelligence, and cheap ones that disrespects our skin. There must have been a better way… It’s not rocket science in the end right? Well, it kinda is but yet again, it’s not impossible.

To be precise about the answer, let us quote our CEO Noura;

“One of our most important core values is delivering quality products at accessible pricing and to achieve that we work directly with top manufacturers and sell directly to our customers which allows us to cut down all unnecessary middlemen costs- that is why our jewelry does not cost a fortune! We are close to our manufacturers, when we start working together we vet them to ensure that working conditions are fair and materials are ethically sourced.”

So in a nutshell, we cut the markups, not the quality.