How your jewelry is made: a glimpse into our manufacturing.

In case you were wondering...

Jewelry has a history as old as mankind. Well, almost as old. Because the best pieces are those who overcome the test of time, we know that fine jewelry manufacturing techniques can’t be beat. Here at Mejuri, we make modern fine jewelry through our traditional manufacturing relationships; but because we live in the 21st century, we eliminate the middlemen and sell our pieces directly from these manufacturers to our customers. We believe in transparency and fair pricing and every step of the way we are thinking of how you can enjoy your jewelry more than ever.  

Our co-founder is a third generation jeweler with experience in jewelry production and connections in the industry. That’s why we spend time finding and vetting the manufacturers we work with in a 3-tier method: experience, values and ethical practices that are central to Mejuri. We do not mass produce and we work in small batches (these are not large factories that just pump products, each product in hand crafted and hand finished). We are also an international community, so we pinpoint the best manufacturers all over the world who have the ‘savoir-faire’ of working with our materials: 14k gold, vermeil and sterling silver.

Most of our manufacturing is located in Canada. As we source the best manufacturer for the materials we use, it didn’t take us long to turn our direction to Downtown Toronto, where you will find some of the best manufacturers for 14k gold and conflict-free certified diamonds to help us ensure our social responsibility beyond Mejuri. This has its clear perks: as we are Toronto-based too, we can visit them everyday to improve each single detail every time we launch new designs. (Which you may have noticed we do every Monday.)

Moving a little East of the globe to seek experts on sterling silver and vermeil, we ended up at Donwhamon-ro Jongno, South Korea, where we met a gemologist and jewelry master. We started working with him since the beginning of Mejuri. Although he loves Art-Deco inspired pieces since 1998, he became a fan of our dainty designs since we started working together.

In Bangkok, we crossed paths with a family-owned, award-winning manufacturer who grew from a small business founded in 1964 to a global firm. Because we shared the same ethical values and jewelry expertise, it was a no-brainer to create relationships with them and work together for some of our vermeil and sterling silver designs as well.

Yet again, finding the best manufacturers is not the only innovation we seek. Introducing new designs every Monday is another change we brought to the game and yet another challenge we volunteered to face. How? By merging technology and tradition; this is how our pieces evolve. If we fall for a design, we use 3D printing to get a better idea on aesthetic, practicality and measurements, then we create the mold to view its physical anatomy and the rest is the same traditional process you’re familiar with: carefully handcrafted and set with precious stones (if any), inspected to a tee and polished to perfection.

Thanks to this extensive process, we are able to sell directly to you without the traditional 10x markups. This means our jewelry is not priced 8 to 10 times higher than its cost, like in the traditional jewelry market. By eliminating any middlemen from our interactions, every Mejuri piece is truly a personal experience. 

As it should be with every piece of jewelry.