How to take care of your Mejuri Jewelry?

In case you were wondering…

We are creating your jewelry with the finest materials and gemstones. And all they need is a bit more love from your part. Eh, in the end all we need is love.


Surely, you know how to take care of your jewelry but still we can’t help ourselves to mention some ground rules. First and foremost keep your vermeil jewelry in their box while you are taking a shower, swimming or putting your perfume on. Vermeil does not get along with humidity, chlorines and chemicals.

Pearls are more delicate than other gemstones and as they are organic materials themselves they react well to natural oils. You can also, occasionally wipe clean them with mild soapy water.

Diamonds might be one of the hardest natural substance there is but they still need some caring. You can clean them with warm soapy liquid and a soft toothbrush.