We often get asked who inspires us. The answer is easy: it's You. The strong, amazing women we meet everyday. Today we spent some time with Gabrielle, a graphic designer who shares our love for simpler things with a twist. We asked her a few questions and bonded over coffee. The (delightful) results are below.

How do you like to style your jewelry?
Since I’m more of a minimalist, I tend to go back to saying "less is more". So I usually prefer to wear the jewelry by itself and give it its time to shine.
Silver or gold?
I prefer silver; I think it goes better with my brown hair and blue eyes.
Earrings, bracelets or necklaces?
Earrings! They can be really subtle or the main focus of an entire outfit. Plus, there’s less chance to lose them since they're always attached to you. Unless you play with your hair too much...
How do you prefer to wear them?
I like small earrings with an unusual design, nothing too overpowering… I love simple things with a twist!

Chokers or necklaces?
Necklaces for sure. I like wearing turtlenecks too much to do chokers justice.
Hoops or studs?
Recently, I am starting to enjoy hoops and how they can complement a simple outfit. But for safety reasons, I'm going to say studs, haha! I'm too scared that the hoops would get caught onto something.

Do you wear jewelry everyday?
It really depends on whether I have the time or if it's on my sight. I'm usually running late, so I only can grab what’s "under my nose", my daily essentials.  
What is your to go make-up routine?
It consists of 4 easy steps: Put some music on. Use foundation as concealer to cover my tiredness and blemishes (thank you, school). Take a tiny brush and use bronze eye shadow to make a cat eye: it's less harsh than black and it makes my eyes pop. Finish it off by putting mascara and mismatch them for an optimal result.

Do you take off your jewelry when you go to bed?
What are you studying?
Graphic arts.
What’s the best thing to do in January for you?
Sleep; I can never have enough sleep! And of course, take pretty Instagram pictures with a wintery background while it lasts.
Where do you mostly go for a chill weekend?
Setting no alarms for the next mornings is the most important part for a chill weekend! Then I binge-eat and let the day take its course. Recently I've been really liking indoor climbing, it's such a good workout!

What are you reading nowadays?
Only magazines, or outrageous articles online. They keep me young...
And what series are you watching?
Too many. But my favorite is The 100 and I really want to start Westworld soon. 

What’s your favorite Mejuri piece? 
Diamonds open ring in white gold. Even though I usually prefer earrings, this piece is so delicate and pretty, it can go with literally every outfit. And (as you can tell),  this is always something I look for in my jewelry.