Winter Skincare: A Survival Guide

One of the reasons we’re fine jewelry devotees is because the materials are in constant contact with our skin, and we really value our skin. So it is no surprise we share the same obsessions about beauty products and skin care. But let’s admit it, winter is not the best season for the skin - unless we are in a Nordic Spa enjoying the cold weather sights from a hot tub. And if this is not the case, we have are here to share our tips for better winter skin. After all, there is always something new to discover; and even though the steps may sound same ol’ same ol’, stay attentive and stay curious…



As your skin has survived until now, you have probably mastered this step. But let us remind you again with capital letters; always CLEAN your skin. But keep your options open. For the days that you have to channel your inner Speedy Gonzales, reach out for cleansing cloths. Choose wisely and go for the ones with antioxidants or vitamin C. Don’t let the nice smells fool you and remember: the less chemicals the better. For more relaxed days and evenings you can turn this step into a beauty session. Yes, we are talking about masks; you can go with the ‘always reliable’ clay masks,  color-smart masks with citrus or purifying ones with charcoal. Change is key here: surprise your skin with some nourishing cleansing oils and keep going back to your old cleansing gel.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize… We intended to sound like a Japanese tongue twister here. If you are confident with your linguistic skills, we challenge you to keep repeating ‘moisturizer’ during this step, without failing in pronunciation. While you’re doing that, focus on your lips. Take off all your lipstick or any drying lip product. Yes, we know you own more than you can count. Instead, opt for tinted lip balms this winter. Keep peachy tones close and plum tones even closer! You can even throw one in your bag for daily touchups. Another tip? For an early April’s fool prank, when your boyfriend (who claims not to need one) asks you for one, give him the rosiest one...


Remember when just a couple months ago you had sea salt (spray) in your hair? The texture was amazing, the curls were impeccable and the smell was to die for. Well, come back to reality: it’s snowing outside now and you have to act on it. (A bit of tough love always works, right?) For the ‘oh so fine’ hairs out there; we feel for your wool turtleneck-static electricity dilemma. The solution? Some Moroccan oil at the ends. The good news is that at this stage, no matter what your hair type is, all you need is oil. If you are styling your hair daily, put just 2-3 drops after the styling. For deeper care, put a generous amount on your hair and wait 15-20 minutes. Scrolling on Instagram or reading a couple pages from your favorite magazine is encouraged at this time. When the alarm goes off, rinse with lukewarm water.


If you are polygamous when it comes to perfumes, welcome to the club. Considering you have already replaced your summer affairs with your winter blues, we can almost smell the woody, leathery and aromatic smells from here. If you are not as big a fan of musky scents, this winter we encourage you to try citrus notes from the Caribbean or warm, spicy scents of the Far East with some powdery accords. And because we have to tell you this: before you spray it, remember vermeil jewelry and the chemicals in your perfume don’t get along so well. So follow the steps accordingly: wear your favorite scent wherever you want to be kissed (as Coco Chanel would say). Then put on your favorite jewelry, and feel free to layer it like the beautiful notes in your perfume.