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It’s a known fact that, the stories of women we meet everyday is what inspire us the most. Cynthia Nguyen, an UI/UX designer, photographer and blogger is one of those women. So when we had the chance, we asked her about her motivations, everyday life and new discoveries. Scroll down and get inspired too.

 What’s your daily routine look like?

I’m a 9 to 5 kind of lady. Although my offices hours don’t normally stop at 5pm, haha. My daily routine is fairly normal; get up, check Instagram, my work schedule, my emails, the weather. Pop by the fridge to eat some chia seed pudding with crunchy granola, then hop in the shower to get ready for work. I plan what I wear while I shower. Weekends are pretty similar since I go out in the morning to do brunch and shoot.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job would probably be the end stage in any of the projects I work on. You get to see all your long hours, great efforts and design come to life in a more polished and usable form. Once everything is done and launched to the public for use. I love hearing the feedback and observing people’s behaviors and reactions to any platform or interactive content my team and I have created. It’s quite fulfilling.

How do you juggle your time in between being a UX designer and a style blogger?

Prioritizing and making sacrifices. My work at SID LEE comes first and being a style blogger becomes secondary for me. I still like to look at blogging as more of a passion project I’ve got going on the side outside my work hours. It’s another creative outlet for me and I have more control of my schedule and the creativity that goes into my content.

As blogging is one of the hottest jobs now, there is a huge competition. What’s your secret to success?

I try not to do what everyone else is doing just because it’s trendy and try focus on what I want to do and go at my own pace. Sometimes I think my reach isn’t even that big, however it's my work and content that gains recognition and appreciation. When you’re doing it for yourself, you’ll attract the people that genuinely love your work because of your vision and voice. And keep at it and be consistent. I told myself I was done if I didn’t hit that ‘blogger peak’ after 3 years and look where I am now— no invites to Louis Vuitton shows just yet but I’m still going.

How does being a UX designer help you as a blogger?

The approach I use to go through the discovery phase and creative developments for new and ongoing projects as a UX designer can be applicable to creating good content for the blog and corresponding social channels. Understanding what your target audience wants and orchestrating in such a way that your audience finds enjoyable and wanting to return for more. It also helps to have a design background because you’re able to create content with an eye for creativity, functionality and leverage your technical skills.

Do you wear jewelry everyday?

I always wear at least one ring and before I leave my home, I wear earrings.

How do you like to style them?

Depends on the look, which also depends on my mood and the weather. Some days I feel like being a minimalist, other days I feel like breaking out all my bling at once. I usually do earrings and rings— occasionally the necklaces come out to play if I decide to dress up my neckline against a simple button-down or V-neck top. I’m really into the drop earrings now, which leaves me to minimize wearing anything else fancy. When it comes to rings, I like stacking them, but I also like to wear them solo to let the piece speak for itself.

Silver or gold?


What’s your favourite gemstone?

Am I allowed to say diamonds? It’s also my birthstone.

What’s the most important aspect for you when you buy jewelry?

The quality and design. I like looking for pieces with timeless designs, which I can pair with any look and wear for years. My rule of thumb before making a purchase is looking at the value and equate to how many times I can wear it. For example, if something is priced at $75, will I wear it at least 75 times? I call it looking for cost-effectiveness. 

Do you take off your jewelry when you go to bed?

I remove nearly all my jewelry before bed with the exception of one ring given to me by my grandma.

What’s the best thing to do in February for you?

Staying in and catching up on my reading over french pressed coffee. Trying new recipes during the cold weather. I’m also very new to the Netflix concept…I just got myself a membership this month.

Where do you mostly go/do for a chill weekend?

Weekend mornings routinely consist of checking out a new brunch place and shooting for my blog afterwards. With what’s left in the day, I normally use that time to work at home or go to the gym. I decompress by throwing on some chill tunes while cooking at home. If I’m in the mood for a cocktail, I usually go to this swanky, speakeasy place called The Cloak.

How much time do you spend scrolling on Instagram?

I try to limit the time I spend on Instagram to 4 times a day. Maybe 1-1.5 hours at most. On the weekends, my Instagram usage leans more towards the heavier end since I use the platform to bookmark inspiration, shooting locations and share food and restaurant posts to friends when determining where to go. Oh and there’s also IG story-ing stuff too.

What’s the coolest discovery you made lately?

I like to read articles on Found out that this American researcher and professor at Harvard named Charles Lieber and his team have developed syringe-injectable electronics, that can assist in monitoring and enhancing brain activity. ‘Black Mirror’ reality is not so far away... If we’re talking about discoveries in the kitchen; honey, butter and chilli peppers goes great with brussels sprouts! In other news, Toronto’s getting its first dog cafe called Wishbone Cafe soon!

What’s your favorite Mejuri piece?

The Diamonds Open Ring in Solid Yellow Gold!

Soho House Malibu

Soho House Malibu