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Take Some Mani Time

Take Some Mani Time

Little Gems in the city

man.i.cure (noun) /ˈmanəˌkyo͝or/

1. Emerged in 1875-1870 France, combining the Latin names manus (hand) and cūra (care).

2. 30+ minutes of disconnection and pampering, or a girl gang activity, preferably done after brunch.

Whether you just got an appointment at your local nail salon for a quick fix, or planned a fairly long weekend treatment, (solo or with friends) that feeling when your manicurist asks you to pick a color is always the same: excitement and confusion, “Do you want nude colors or would you go darker this week? Maybe you should try some artsy patterns? Maybe a revamped French manicure?” But when you finally decide, your body automatically takes a breath and an (almost) subconscious smile makes its way to your face. You know it: it’s mani time

We know that you have some emotional ties to your regular manicure salon, but if you ever want to try something different or if you happen to be at one of these neighborhoods, we have some suggestions for your much-anticipated nail time.


17 Crosby Street, New York

Founded by a veteran magazine beauty editor, Paintbox does not just offer a nice, relaxing time in a curated area, but promises to make you a trendsetter via your nail art. If you don’t want to spend hours deciding on your mani art while you are there (because when you see the options you will), you can simply go on their website beforehand and look at their curated menu where they offer the seasonal collections.

Cures Studio

171 E Liberty Street Unit 149, Toronto

Broke a nail? No worries! You don’t have to sacrifice your entire manicure, because the experts at Cures Studio can help you restore it in 30 minutes! Offering various services depending on your needs, the manicure technicians at Cures are here to take care of you with their expert hands. All you have to do is book an appointment, be there 10 minutes earlier and enjoy the minimal, calming atmosphere.

Olive & June

430 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

146 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, Los Angeles

1426 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Short story time: Sarah, a New Yorker, ends up in LA. Everything is Insta-beautiful. Well, almost everything… She says when it comes to manicure, “the options were either fancy-pants or divey. Was it too much to ask that a solid paint job and a little pampering put a lady in a good mood? No!” That’s why Sarah opened a flagship; Olive & June, the place that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And the process is just as simple: book an appointment and make yourself at home.

A final tip: Wherever you are getting your mani treatment, don’t forget to take off your rings off before the session and wait 3-5 minutes before you put them back on when it’s all done. And that’s it. Don’t they look even lovelier with your new manicure?






The Butcher’s Daughter Nolita / West Village

The Butcher’s Daughter Nolita / West Village

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