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The Marketing Whiz

Meet Aila, one of our beloved magic makers in the team. As the marketing manager at Mejuri, her hands are always full and her voice is always assuring.

Your guilty pleasure

Anything adrenaline producing; driving fast, heights, exercise. (Along with an inordinate coffee consumption rate and two cigarettes a week).

The words you live by

You can never have too many carbs, ear piercings or passport stamps.

What keeps you moving forward on tough days

Focusing on the big picture. Usually the things that make a day tough aren’t going to affect the week or the month. My short-term solution is taking my dog to the park, then pesto pasta, a glass of Malbec and a Jesse Cook album.

A fine City

Palma de Mallorca

Your social media addiction

Corgi memes! I’m obsessed.

A song on rotation right now

We Celebrate - Ghostface Killah, and Kendrick Lamar’s entire new album, DAMN. So good.

What do you want to be when you grow up

Well-travelled and well-informed. Although when I was a kid I just want to be “the boss”. Clearly I have multiple siblings.

Your fav. part of your job

That it’s like a marketing buffet (seriously, that’s how I describe my role). It’s different every day and constantly evolving and I love the variety and the challenge.

The advice you can give someone who wants a position like yours

Say yes. Opportunities to build something are few and far between, and the chance to build something with people who have the same beliefs as you? That’s straight magic.

The thing about you that may surprise others

I order UberEats at least once a day, but I’m secretly a very good (and very lazy) cook.

What drew you to Mejuri

The people. A decision as fundamental as where you work definitely has to be guided by logic and opportunity, but more importantly, intuition. Thinking is wonderful but it doesn’t replace that intangible gut feeling, and aligning beliefs with who you work with is essential to feeling like you’re building something together. If you’re spending long hours together, you may as well be friends, right?



NYC, smell some flowers.

NYC, smell some flowers.