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Your guilty pleasure

Chocolate chip cookies and Ferrero Rocher.

How are you most like your mom?

Hmmm, we both enjoy baking and I'm just as crafty as she is :)

The words you live by

Kindness, Gratefulness, Believe, Do, Empathy, Acceptance, Dedication. If it's in my ability to make something happen then I'll make it happen. I like to DO and I like to BELIEVE. 

A fine moment with your child

I think that any parent would agree that it is very difficult to narrow down a fine moment with your child to just one; from the everyday shenanigans to the sweet expressions of love and happiness, every moment, every day is a FINE moment.

What keeps you moving forward on tough days

That there are people who have it way tougher than I do. It's all about perspective and I'm completely aware of how lucky I am for the life I have lived so far. 

The advice you would give new moms

Always remember that one day you're going to miss those early days all of it gets better and better, so if you're having a tough time hang in there. 

Your social media addiction

I like to watch funny skits on Instagram from LA based comedians.

A song on rotation right now

Sedona by Houndmouth. 

The thing you didn't expect when becoming a mom

It wasn't until I became one that I completely understood the extent to which you can love someone and also how incredibly much my mom loves me. 

Your fav. part about being a mom

Giving and receiving the most unconditional love there is. 

The thing about you that may surprise others:

I have an irrational phobia to centipedes, I don't like being in complete darkness, and extreme heat puts me in a bad mood (unless I'm at the beach!)

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What drew you to Mejuri

To put it simply, Mejuri is a brand that gets me. Their pieces are what every classic yet modern girl dreams about: delicate, understated and contemporary designs for everyday wear. Don't ask me what my favourite piece is because I honestly can't choose!