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Karen Lao

Karen Lao

Karen, senior developer by day and minimalist always.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I used to be a night owl, but recently I've definitely become a morning person! I love getting everything done early and having the evening to relax.

Your fave part of your job?
I love that I'm challenged every day. There is always an issue or assignment to be researched and resolved, and I'm naturally a curious person, so it's very fulfilling.

The ideal day?
Getting coffee with my boyfriend/friends, exploring new restaurants and cafes, and taking many photos along the way!

Your fine style?
I like to keep it pretty simple and light. The most I will do is a layered necklace and stacked rings. Most of my jewelry is very thin and comfortable.

The coolest discovery you made lately?
I just found out I could write off my expenses for my photography business… I could have gotten a bigger tax refund this year!

Your social media addiction?
I spend hours on Instagram! But I spend hours online in general. It’s probably unhealthy how addicted I am to being connected.

A fitness regime?
I love working out! I go to the gym or take long walks at least 6 times a week.

Your role as senior developer?
Every morning, I check my email for any overnight tech issues or action items for the day's agenda. After the morning meeting, I research anything that was brought up in the meeting or work on coding changes for our client. This includes pushing code out to our testing environment and ensuring the changes work correctly before handing them off for client testing. There may also be meetings where the team and I have to review changes to discuss feasibility or come up with the best way to handle a code change.

The weekend spot?
I hang out at coffee shops and edit photos or read. And maybe go to the Alamo Drafthouse for a movie and dinner!

Your fave Mejuri piece?
I love the Beaded Ring in White Gold!

Karen is wearing the Letter Ring and the Beaded Ring in White Gold.

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